Carnival fills our hotel in Palma old town with joy

Sa Rua and carnival with our hotel in Palma

It wasn’t that long ago that we mentioned one of the most important celebrations on the Palma social calendar: Sant Sebastià. On this occasion we would like to talk about how we celebrate one of the most iconic international events on the island; Sa Rua, or as it’s also known, the Carnivals of Mallorca. An event which is celebrated across the globe and which allows its participants to escape reality and become their greatest fantasy for a day, as well as enjoying the incredibly fun and colourful atmosphere. There’s nothing better than losing yourself in the music, the noise of the crowd and the excitement, as well as integrating yourself into a community that forgets about their day to day problems and relish amongst the hustle and bustle of the centre of Palma, only a few metres from our hotel in Palma old town.


The origins of Carnival as a global celebration

Although when looking back at history a clear origin of the Carnivals cannot be established, it is well known that for more than 5 thousand years events were already held to pay homage to a series of gods, such as Bacchus and Saturn. This call to the gods in a time of transition between winter and spring was to encourage the summer harvest to be prosperous for all. By transforming themselves, dressed in unrecognisable garments, they wanted to return such divinities to their place of origin by paying homage to their unbridled and boundless lifestyles. From then on, the Christian faith welcomed this celebration to transform it into a farewell to lent, the 40 days before the death of Christ. The concept of “Carnival” (removing the flesh) announced a time of strict abstinence, so it was necessary to enjoy a grand farewell before the arrival of this date. Nevertheless, this disinhibition could not be complete without adding the feature of anonymity, which was achieved by using a selection of masks and disguises.


Sa Rua in Palma, the unmissable carnival in Mallorca

Over the years, Carnival has been celebrated continuously in Palma, originally as a farewell party to winter and the arrival of Lent, typical of a Christian region centred on agriculture that began 40 days of voluntary fasting in order to strengthen faith through penance and reflection on self-acts. Over the decades, Carnival has evolved into an act of celebration with friends and family in which the costumes are a complement to our tastes and imagination. In any case, the intention to enjoy every moment and to bid farewell to a colder winter season and to welcome the spring heat with humour is still present in the heart of every Palmesan who leaves home to show off their skills on this special day. All the parades and floats pass through most of the central streets of Palma, such as calle Unió, the epicentre of the party, which is just a few metres from our boutique hotel in Palma.


Reserve your room at our hotel in Palma old town

After reading everything which we have described in this article we are sure that you will want to enjoy this traditional celebration, whether it be watching it from afar or by actively participating and mingling with the crowds and expressing your imagination to the fullest on the 23rd of February on the streets of Palma de Mallorca. By reserving your room at our hotel in Palma directly on our website you can receive multiple benefits which will make your stay with us even more special. Use the promocode BRONDOWEB when completing your reservation and you will instantly receive: a 10% discount on the best price possible and free late check out until 14:00, in case you want to do any last minute shopping. Whatever your plans may be, Sa Rua is waiting for you.