A romantic getaway at our hotel in the old town of Palma de Mallorca

The feeling of being in love is something which cannot be described with words. Shared experiences are just pages written in this tale of adventures which we call life. And of course, it’s a wise decision to take advantage of the places offered to us by the capital of Mallorca. Our hotel in the old […]

The most exclusive rooms of our hotel in the centre of Palma de Mallorca

The identity of a hotel is mainly discovered in its rooms. Each one of these spaces, uniquely and exclusively dedicated to your comfort and tranquillity transmit the philosophy of the hotel’s project and serve as a way to take away a night of sleep that they won’t forget for a lifetime. At Brondo Architect Hotel […]

Triumph at your company event at our hotel in Palma de Mallorca

The success of your business is down to a good framework. The human aspect is essential, but the day to day facilities in your workplace, as well as the one-off spaces which you might use for certain events, must match the quality of your brand and meet the comfort expectations of your employees. That is […]

Ca’n Brondo: The magic of our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

Nomads who embark on an adventure to discover a city as lively as Palma de Mallorca, must satisfy their hunger with the best local gastronomy. For us this objective is fundamental. Which is why when we decided to embark on a journey of propelling the project to open a hotel in the old town of […]

The unique terraces at our hotel in Palma de Mallorca

The Spanish believe that the arrival of spring brings a change in your blood and it´s not without reason. The sun beams down after a cold winter and the Mediterranean returns back to its former glory filled with long days and unbeatable temperatures. For centuries, Mallorca has proudly been one of the best places to […]