Our Exclusive Rooms

Petite Room

An ideal room for short stays or for solo travellers who want to enjoy some privacy and to disconnect. With a minimalist, Japanese-influenced style, the only room of its type is 624 Kazuyo.

Doble Standard

Ideal rooms to enjoy more space and comfort. With a modern and exclusive design allowing you to indulge in your wellbeing. They have a small lounge integrated in the room for perfect relaxation. They have a separate shower or bathtub.

These rooms feature wood and earthy colours. These rooms are 623 Alison, 630 Richard and 631 Zaha.

Doble Premium

At Brondo Arquitect Hotel, the Premium rooms are outstanding. They are spacious, which makes them the stars of the show. They have a surface area of 25 square metres and have a magnificent and cosy design.

These rooms are 410 Hans, 411 Gaspar, 412 Sebastian, 413 Patricia, 420 Charlie, 421 Alejandro, 422 Alvaro, 622 Jorn and 432 Jose Antonio. You will not regret choosing a Premium room when you step foot inside.

Premium Terrace

These rooms have a surface area of between 30 and 35 square metres and have a large furnished terrace for private use. Feel even better than if you were at home. Allow your stay to take over all your senses.

These rooms are 414 Carme, 431 Renzo, 620 Oscae, 621 Walter and 632 Norman.


The Suites are 50 square metre rooms. They have a living room with a sofa bed and a 20 square metre terrace with a Balinese bed. These are 423 Louis and 430 Frank, with ochre colours and an atmosphere that combines traditional and contemporary styles.